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Posted by shout_of_joy on 2009.09.03 at 19:51

Welcome to my Triune books community! Feel free to look over this page, and read the unFAQ and the joining-up page if you're curious. But to view the art, essays, maps, and writing, you have to be a member of this community.

I've organized links to areas of interest so members can find what they're curious about without having to flounder through this journal's chronological view. I expect that most of you are interested in seeing what's new since your last visit.

A note for readers of my Geren books Oct 7, 2016
DWoT ready for beta readers! Interested? June 4, 2016
Novel Writing Progress Tracker June 4, 2016
Avar Lineup (DWoT) Feb 6, 2016
Added a new face at the Characters Page! Nov 4, 2015
Renegade Oct 3, 2015
Triune Trilogy Trepidations Feb 17, 2015

In case you missed something when it got posted, or you're trying to track down a particular post, here's a chart of older things, sorted by different sets of tags. Feel free to yell at me if you want a new tag or I left something out!

     Dancing-Shadow Art Avarii
     Hilome Comics Humans
     Holunn Essays Hyarmi
     Hu-Haviir Rambles  
     Mountain-Frost Snippets  
     Night-Wind Stories  

If you're a visual sort like me, and follow a story better with a map about to get your bearings where things are, then this is the link for you!

And if you're curious about the non-human races in my writings, or the use of their power, here are links to my essays. Enjoy--or use them as an insomnia-buster, whichever you prefer!

(last updated, Oct 7, 2016)

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