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Dark Wings over Triune

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Fantasy writing and art

My Heartfelt Gratitude...

Now that it's 2017, I've reached a full decade since the worst period of my life during the hell year of 2007. As ever, I must express my unending gratitude for those who blessed me in those black months--most of all by following along with my life in shouts_of_joy and caring enough to leave a note. Also by remembering me in their prayers--so precious every one of them! And of course the blessings of a note, email, or phone call. I owe so much to those wonderful people, for their kindness, their mercy and compassion, and also to those who displayed simple decency, of which there can never be too much in this world. Thank you, thank you! Were it not for you, my Geren novels would remain forever incomplete, my novellas would not exist, The Chronicles of Delarun and The Fourth Emissary would never be written, and the Triune novels would never have been started. I can never possibly thank you enough, but I'm trying once again!

shouts_of_joy is where I'm active and posting most frequently. This place is just a writing journal, focused on stories, novellas, and novels that take place before 949 DH.

Stories, essays, and related work about events between 949 DH (the birth of Heruvael) and 441 AK (a year after the close of Emissary's Sacrifice) are hosted at Hyarmi records.

Stories, essays, and related work about events after 441 AK (a year after the close of Emissary's Sacrifice) will be hosted at Renewer Rising.