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Triune unFAQ

Posted by shout_of_joy on 2009.09.17 at 06:21

The Triune unFAQ

Last Revised: Jan 2016

What's going on with all this Triune stuff? Are you abandoning your Geren books?

     Absolutely not! My Geren books and their sequels are my magnum opus, the greatest work of my life. But I realized I needed to start working on the Triune pre-story for three reasons.

1) Being unable to do anything creative during much of the 'hell year' of 2007 left me with plenty of time to think. And I discovered that I could not go forward with the sequels to the Geren books down the road without first going backwards. Not to the very 'beginning' of the story--that would take me all the way back to the time of Hu-Hua-ik, over a millennium before the birth of Hu-Harek. But I do need to go back to the downfall of Triune, lest certain events in the Geren sequels seem inexplicable or deux ex machina.

2) The past encompassed in the Triune books is linked with the 'present' of the Geren books, particularly the latter parts of book 4 and especially the latter parts of book 5. Working my way into Triune's history is a benefit for writing and improvements with my Geren books.

3) I know myself! The melancholy I felt when I finished Hu-Hua's Cry will be like the trickling of a fountain compared to Niagara Falls the day I finish Emissary's Sacrifice--the fifth and final Geren book. This endeavor has occupied so much of my thought and energy for over fourteen years of my life--it will feel like life's complete and I have nothing else of interest to do if I don't have other big projects well underway with which to engross myself (short stories don't cut it here). The earlier and deeper I dig now, and the further along I am with my groundwork when that day comes, the better for me, and the higher my chances of not jumping off any bridges! (So far, so good!)

Do I need to read the Geren books to understand the Triune story?

     Certainly not! The Triune books take place nearly 600 years before the start of Hu-Hua's Cry, and will be written to stand alone, rather like Hope's Passage. There may be some spoilers for the Geren books in the Triune books, but I will attempt to keep it minimal. Certainly no book 1 or book 2 spoilers.

What's with all the art stuff? The illustrations, comics, animations, and all that. I thought this place was about stories.

     I'm pursuing being me. Some very bad experiences brutally taught me that I will never be a 'real writer,' or be able to cram myself into the box too many people construct. Unfortunately, places like Elfwood and FictionPress (much as I like them) added to my tendency to compartmentalize. Quite logical, for the sake of organization, for websites to put art and writing in different places, or focus on one and exclude the other (Have to admit I like the DA setup where all is accessed from one spot!). But it was not good for a person like me, who is neither strictly a writer or a visual artist, but something of both.
     Fortunately, as I've written elsewhere, I found some healing, encouragement, and a broader vision where I didn't have to focus on just one part of my talents and reject or exclude another. No more chains, no more cramped boxes I can't force myself to be crushed into. So this place is my first attempt to deliberately work out what my objective is going forward. It has already paid off in a couple different ways, and I look forward to seeing what additional mediums I'll get to employ in the future. If it weren't for the full-time job, I'd have already started on cross-stitch illustrations by now...but that might have to wait for retirement!

Just how big is this Triune story going to be?

     My original conception was a single novel, just like Hope's Passage is (which was intended to be a novella, ahem). My problem is the amount of time the events I want to cover stretch across. The Geren books each encompass around nine months of the calendar year, and Hope's Passage covers roughly a year, though the bulk of the story focuses on a seven-month interval. The Triune story...could span 31 years.
     At this point I'm planning on three books focusing on certain portions of the timeline, with a bit of a gap between the second and third. I know what my epilogue is, and I have a prologue--but I probably won't know the sheer scope of the story I want to tell until I get underway. Knowing my tendency to underestimate the amount of pages I need, well, expect things to trend longer rather than shorter!

I heard a rumor that The Changer/the Rooster/Fiery-Sunset will be in this story. Is that true?

     It is! I can't say how large a role he will play, as he is the one in possession of the most critical spoilers for book 4 of my Geren books, but he will at least be making an appearance. Can't say how much he'll be showing up in this place before I get the actual books underway; I guess that depends upon how curious I get as to whether he and Mountain-Frost have ever met... (He does make an extended appearance in 'Embers Fade to Ash,' for any who want a Rooster 'fix' while they await the second Triune novel!)

What can I expect to see here before the Triune books themselves get underway?

     Lots of little stuff, or maybe not much, depending upon where my creative focus is at any given time. Certainly there will be images and words posted about the characters who play an important part in the books. The avarii essay is located here, and I also want to create more essays and maps and a timeline, as well as dialogues, snippets, illustrations/comics, a character glossary, and full short stories as I get closer to starting the first novel, though my 'What's cooking...' list takes priority.

Are there any requirements in being a member?

     There are no requirements. I would appreciate it if members visited on occasion, left comments or especially asked questions. But there are no requirements. I have no idea how often I will put stuff up here, what I will put up, how soon I'll start writing the books, or how quickly I'll work through them. A bit silly to ask for something from those who join when I don't even know what I'll be doing! However, it is no longer my expectation that I will be posting the novels onto LiveJournal directly. Instead I'll post announcements offering .pdfs to any who are interested (also .mobi or .epub of an entire novel), so members can either read as sections become available, or wait until an entire book is complete before jumping in.

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