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So, you want to be a member?

Posted by hyarmi_records on 2007.10.09 at 08:50

     Greetings, human readers. My name is Night-wind-with-flying-snow, but you might as well go ahead and call me Night-Wind, as formal names are so troublesome for you, if The Defender's Biographer is any indication. She can't seem to remember anyone's formal name, but then, she's no hyarmi lore-master.

     The Defender's Biographer gave me permission to explain the requirements for becoming a member of this place, where records of Triune, of my own life, and that of others will be preserved.

     There are two chief requirements.

     The first is that you be a member of what she calls 'LiveJournal.' I cannot say I understand it very well. Apparently, in your culture, leaving works of art unguarded both opens a way to theft, and destroys future chances of what she calls 'being published.' But instead of physical keys that hang on a belt and jangle loudly in flight or at the most inopportune moments on a hunt, the keys to access this 'LiveJournal' place are held in the mind. The Defender's Biographer regrets having to impose the holding of yet another mental key on anyone--I take it she very much dislikes the hassle of the dozens she has to deal with and remember herself. The consolation is that becoming a member of this 'LiveJournal' requires no trade or money of any sort, and that a number of you already have the needed key.

     I hope I did not confuse anybody explaining something I don't clearly understand. Perhaps she should have asked sister Dancing-Shadow to do this instead, myself, I'd rather be off hunting.

     But before I go, there's the second requirement to tell you about. In order to gain access to this Triune archive-of-sorts, you must have read in full the record called Hope's Passage. Read it in full, and left comments on it in the place called 'FictionPress' or with the medium called 'e-mail.'

     This requirement she made for two reasons. Those that read records made with such long labor, yet are unwilling to provide any help or support in the fashion called 'commenting,' are little more than freeloaders. It's like some perfectly healthy humans I've seen in Eskaldaen, pretending to be crippled and begging for alms so that they can visit their favorite tavern. Well, perhaps it's not quite like that, but that's what it reminds me of. So self-serving, so ungrateful. Places like 'FictionPress' and 'Elfwood' would not even have cause to exist if all humans were so stingy as these freeloaders that they cannot give a few words of support, guidance, or emotional response to other human artisans. That is half the joy of making things--or so it is among my race--the delight of sharing it with others and seeing how they enjoy it too!

     So, freeloaders are not welcome here, and neither are those that lack any sort of commitment or honor. I cannot understand humans, I just can't. Why plow a field and only sow half of it? Why raise a house and neglect to add the roof? It's like listening to a talented avarii storyteller or a recitation from a skilled hyarmi lore-master, and walking off halfway through it. What is gained? Very little. What is given? Insult to the artisan, especially if the courtesy of an apology or explanation isn't even given. Those that have commented on Hope's Passage from beginning to end have proven their ability to finish something they begin. Fickleness is a most disgusting trait anyway, but it's more than unhelpful with a labor that is bound to span years.

     So yes, that's what The Defender's biographer is looking for, I believe. A semblance of respect for the work, if not for the maker of the work. Unless, of course, you disdain the work. In which case--why are you here? There's so much else to be doing, and I am itching to be gone myself.

     And so I bid you human readers farewell. Perhaps some of you will see more of me in the future. Regardless, for now, I am off. There's tiding of a large rabid bear up in the mountains near Byway. And there's a hyarmi Healing pair living in that region as well. If this goes well, brother Twilight-Mountains and myself may be able to corner the animal and guide the hyarmi there. Those are the most fulfilling hunts--the ones that end with Healing rather than death. Farewell!

Please leave a comment below if interested in joining this community. Thank you!

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